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August 21 Astrology Horoscope Birthday Zodiac Profile

August 21 Astrology Horoscope Birthday Zodiac Profile

Apr 05
August 21 Astrology Horoscope Birthday Zodiac Profile

21 August Horoscope Astrology Birthday Zodiac Profile

In Love

People celebrating birthdays on this date are charming and outgoing. The image you project is magnetic and exciting, and you are never dull or boring. You want to be able to admire your lover and respect his or her intelligence. And you require your partner’s good opinion in return. Your lively, inquisitive mind never stops for very long, and you’re happiest with a significant other who shares some of your numerous interests. In a close relationship, you are generous, warm, and loving. You’re in no hurry to make a commitment, but when you do you are devoted and loyal.

In Bed

Glamorous surroundings bring out the romantic in you, and you do your best to create an atmosphere of luxury for your lovemaking. Despite your gregarious nature, you enjoy spending plenty of time alone with your beloved. Innately inventive and original, you’re full of surprises, both in and out of the bedroom. For you, communication is the essential ingredient in creating a natural flow of erotic energies. Readily open to suggestion, you’re prepared to try anything that enhances your shared sexual pleasure.


Grand gestures of love and devotion make you forget mundane concerns. Your ideal lover knows how to rekindle your initial spark of desire and maintain that brand new feeling of attraction between you. You are turned on by spontaneous attempts to inflame your libido; your appetite for pleasure grows as you engage in sensuous foreplay.

Reality Check

You possess a magnanimous nature that makes you popular and well liked. Fun loving and warmhearted, you enjoy being the center of attention. Yet despite your dazzling surface personality, mentally you’re no lightweight. You have an exceptionally clear understanding of what is important in life and the ability to communicate the meaning of your insight to others.

Please note that sun sign compatibility is generalized. There are 11 other planets and 12 houses in the birth chart which affect the overall personality of an individual.

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